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Okay! 🙂

So this was my moment! An admit from Krannert School of Management, Purdue University for the Class of 2013 😎


About Scholarship:

A few days later, received a scholarship announcement email from them: 10000K, which was less that I expected! Purdue University also offers Graduate Assistantships, which are quite helpful in offsetting tuition costs but I didn’t get that either. Now the only way left for me was to go the university and then try for GA. I talked to a few students at the school and it seems people do land GAs after landing at the school, too! Good to hear that!



I’ve decided not to take up the offer from Purdue University for the MBA program (Fall 2011). Reasons are purely personal. Purdue is a great university and I got to know so much more about the program & the university. I interacted with many current students and a few alums as well; All of them were just so receptive & friendly.

Let me know if anybody out here wants any help on this school 🙂




Just to mention upfront that I lagged in updating this blog and hence I’m narrating the events which have already happened. I hope by the end of today, I’ll be living in the present 🙂

So the application season was over and I was looking forward to a few interview calls. And then started the series of dings …..

Ding 1. Tepper, CMU

Ding 2. USC Marshall

Ding 3. Said, Oxford – Frankly speaking, after my application (submitted in R2) got pushed to R3 (since TOEFL scores didn’t reach them on time), I was expecting a ding there and then.

Ding 4. NUS Singapore


Somehow, all the schools where I wanted to go didn’t want to let me near them 😦  I was already short of time and had no time of mulling over these dings. They are good schools but somehow our equation didn’t go well and the result was obvious. In fact, all these are great schools.

Not feeling so good, I engrossed myself in work. I wasn’t sure what will be my next move. I waited.

Got TOEFL scores

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Since I’ve been lagging in updating the blog, I’m now writing posts in the order events happened.

After a few hassles, finally I wrote TOEFL on 1/30/11. You may want to read about it here.

I still remember it was some 12:30 am in the morning when I received a message from a friend whom I met at the TOEFL center. It said ” TOEFL results out. I screwed up dude! Check urs” … And I was like .. Oh Man, I certainly don’t want to write TOEFL again. Logged on to the TOEFL site, logged in > View Scores > See Details and my score popped up! .. Whoa!!!!!!!!

Total: 113  😎

For the uninitiated, TOEFL score is provided in 5 subs – Reading, Listening, Speaking, Writing (max is 30 for these sections) and Total (max is 120). You can read more about the scoring mechanism here.

The least I scored is 26 and the max is 30.

Relieved! Texted score to my friend. And that reminds me, I’ve to get in touch with this guy! Has been a long time.

But, by the time I received the scores, my application for Said School of Business, Oxford had been moved to Round 3 due to unavailability of TOEFL scores. All Said aspirants – Write TOEFL well within the time limits. And do take into accounts the unwanted incidences of not being able to write TOEFL for some technical glitches or whatever. I learnt a lesson here the hard way. Not a pleasure indeed 😐

PS: I think TOEFL scores are good to go for 2 years but please cross check this once.

ISB dings, Feedback

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Received a ding from ISB without even an interview call 😦

One good this is that ISB provides feedback to candidates every year irrespective of whether they were called for interview or not.

Well, the new thing this season is that ISB is providing telephonic feedback to candidates who ask for one. I requested for feedback on my application and it’s scheduled on 20th July’2011, 10:30 am IST.

Will share the feedback once done.

It has been a long time since I posted anything here. A lot has happened since then.

In chronological order of occurrence:

– ISB reject

– Got my TOEFL scores – 🙂

– Applied to NUS

– Applied to Krannert, Purdue University

– Tepper, USC Marshall, Said reject my application

– Purdue calls for interview

– Purdue admit!

– Personal issues

– Decision on whether to join Purdue or not!

– Updating blog!


If the above list doesn’t seem much, trust me it was so much for me!

I’ll update on the list of events in the next few posts.


Coming up next – ISB reject 😐