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Finally, I received an interview invite from Krannert School of Management, Purdue University 😎

They sent an email asking me preferences for an skype interview.  I promptly acknowledged and fixed a date. All set.

Excited I was! Started preparing for the interview. Let me make a list of TODOs for an interview:

  1. Reread your essays – Some people don’t pay much attention to this aspect but I think this is important
  2. Be thorough on why MBA, why now, why this school, post MBA goals – try to provide examples wherever possible
  3. Write answers to the other common questions asked & practice them
  4. Know the school inside out. Very important. Believe me, you’ll feel connected to the school if you learn small things about the school – it’s culture, atmosphere, peer group, clubs, events – cultural & academic, career services, community service etc etc etc. You can talk so much more confidently on things when you know something about it.
  5. Ask a question to your interviewer – People say that is it necessary to ask a question in the end. I think if one has researched the program, there are bound to be questions and you can ask any of them in the interview. You may choose to differ but that’s my point of view. But remember, the answer to your question should not be present on the school’s website 🙂
  6. Mock interviews – Get someone to hold a mock interview or two. Helps a lot to iron out weak links!


And came the I-day! I suited up! Adjusted my webcam! Waiting for the skype call.

And it started ringing ….

– Started with the usual exchange of pleasantries

– The Lady introduced herself

– Asked how’s the weather in Bangalore (Ice breaker!)

– My goals, why MBA, post MBA

– Told about a few clubs @ Krannert whom I may want to join considering my post MBA goals

– Asked about a few experiences @ work

– Any questions?

– Lasted for about 30 mins and a few secs


Simple. That’s all! 🙂