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Okay! πŸ™‚

So this was my moment! An admit from Krannert School of Management, Purdue University for the Class of 2013 😎


About Scholarship:

A few days later, received a scholarship announcement email from them: 10000K, which was less that I expected! Purdue University also offers Graduate Assistantships, which are quite helpful in offsetting tuition costs but I didn’t get that either. Now the only way left for me was to go the university and then try for GA. I talked to a few students at the school and it seems people do land GAs after landing at the school, too! Good to hear that!



I’ve decided not to take up the offer from Purdue University for the MBA program (Fall 2011). Reasons are purely personal. Purdue is a great university and I got to know so much more about the program & the university. I interacted with many current students and a few alums as well; All of them were just so receptive & friendly.

Let me know if anybody out here wants any help on this school πŸ™‚




Just to mention upfront that I lagged in updating this blog and hence I’m narrating the events which have already happened. I hope by the end of today, I’ll be living in the present πŸ™‚

So the application season was over and I was looking forward to a few interview calls. And then started the series of dings …..

Ding 1. Tepper, CMU

Ding 2. USC Marshall

Ding 3. Said, Oxford – Frankly speaking, after my application (submitted in R2) got pushed to R3 (since TOEFL scores didn’t reach them on time), I was expecting a ding there and then.

Ding 4. NUS Singapore


Somehow, all the schools where I wanted to go didn’t want to let me near them 😦  I was already short of time and had no time of mulling over these dings. They are good schools but somehow our equation didn’t go well and the result was obvious. In fact, all these are great schools.

Not feeling so good, I engrossed myself in work. I wasn’t sure what will be my next move. I waited.

And with these two applications, my app season for a prospective MBA application for Fall 2011 ended.

I’ll briefly mention the reasons why I filled these schools.

NUS Singapore: If you want access to APAC region (Asia-Pacific), NUS is one of the great schools which’ll aid you in that. Located in Singapore, it’ll offer you the best of both worlds (specifically for me, an Indian). No Visa issues unlike the US & Europe. Also, it’s a one year course which can be ideal for people who don’t want to stay away from the job for long.

NUS is a pretty famous brand in Asia; Singapore is a great city to live & work in; I can be home in approx 5 hrs; Singapore is the financial hub of Asia; Many good companies have their offices in the city; NUS MBA is a one year program …..

I think these were good enough reasons for me to apply to NUS.

Krannert School of Management, Purdue University: This school wasn’t in my initial list of schools-to-apply but later, it sneaked in πŸ™‚ Most engineers recognize Purdue University. It’s one of the highly ranked schools for MS in the US. Little do these engineers know that Purdue has a business school – Krannert School of Management which is so highly ranked in Operations Management (even I got to know this late).Β  According to US News 2012 B school rankings, Purdue MBA is ranked 6th in Operations/Production. Moreover, other factors such as GMAT, exp, post MBA goals matched and I applied.

Whether I could make to any of these schools? Next up….

It has been a long time since I posted anything here. A lot has happened since then.

In chronological order of occurrence:

– ISB reject

– Got my TOEFL scores – πŸ™‚

– Applied to NUS

– Applied to Krannert, Purdue University

– Tepper, USC Marshall, Said reject my application

– Purdue calls for interview

– Purdue admit!

– Personal issues

– Decision on whether to join Purdue or not!

– Updating blog!


If the above list doesn’t seem much, trust me it was so much for me!

I’ll update on the list of events in the next few posts.


Coming up next – ISB reject 😐


Completed with submitting the application for Tepper School of Business, CMU in R2 cycle – submitted on 1/3/11.

CMU is one of the colleges I would most certainly want to go to πŸ™‚

A few pointers –

Application related:

  • TOEFL not required for aspirants who under-graduated from a institution where the medium of instruction was only English – ask for waiver
  • 3 essays in total, 1 additional essay
  • 2 recommendations necessary, 1 optional
  • Rest usual things required – CV, employment history etc
  • Lots of scans to be done and uploaded πŸ™‚



  • My recommendation providers had to use due to certain issues – mentioned that in the additional essay! Ask Adcom for any such issues.
  • Adcom’s response is pretty fast!


Hoping for an interview call.

PS:Β  Will be happy to answer questions, if any πŸ™‚


Lets get to the point, damn straight!

Here is a list of TODOs an MBA aspirant should keep in mind to submit his/her application successfully:

  1. Keep your essays for the last week or so
  2. Write scholarship essay on the last day before going to office
  3. Scan all documents  to be uploaded in the evening of the deadline and let the whole office know you are upto something 😐
  4. Ask the finance guys for the most recent breakup of your salary, on the last day, and then bug him to hurry up
  5. Sleep very less for the last 3-4 days before the deadline
  6. Change your essays drastically one day before the deadline
  7. Call up your Mom and Dad to ask for their income returns, in case you wish to apply for a need based scholarship
  8. ……….. etc …..Keep all things for the last moment ………….. etc …………….




Caution: Now if you wish to follow the above list, you are headed for disaster. To confess, I found myself doing many such things, hence the word “Caution” in the beginning.

Filling up an application form is a daunting task. You want to do that in the best possible way, since you may never get that ‘second chance’ 😐 Β So plan things accordingly and help yourself by escaping last minute anxieties.

Revert the TODOs in the above list to get a list of GOOD TODOs that an applicant should follow πŸ™‚

So I’m done with submitting my ISB App for the Class of 2012. Β Frankly, after proof reading essays for (n+1)th time, I just couldn’t take it anymore, hence hit the submit button.

My take on the application process:


Application Process:

  • Damn smooth barring a few hiccups when you need to clear cookies etc to save info. But that’s okay! πŸ™‚
  • The Admissions Office is very helpful. Prompt email and phone replies.
  • Special Helpline setup – 7am to 12 pm – very helpful.



  • You can find analysis of how to approach the essays in plenty on the web. Just Google.
  • I think it takes time to bring out the best in your personality and decide what needs to be presented. Don’t ignore this fact. It takes time.
  • 300 words is just too few to tell your story, generate interest towards your profile and convince the AdCom to call you for an interview (i/v). So be very choosy what needs to be said. Rather, what needs to be left unsaid. Wow! I love philosophy πŸ™‚
  • That’s enough I guess! Β πŸ˜‰


Scholarship Essay:

  • Advisable to submit an essay for a need based scholarship. Even if you don’t get that, what’s the harm?
  • The essay specifically stated to write on the need based part.
  • Merit based scholarships are different from Need based ones – No essays to be submitted for merit based schols – every admit is considered for such schols


I think the most most important important πŸ™‚ things are summed up above.

Submitted the app at ~ 22:00 hrs. Had Pizza πŸ™‚


Hope to get that elusive call. Amen!

What’s going on Boss? …

Posted: November 19, 2010 in bschools


… This is one question I should ask myself. Why does this place sound so silent? The last post on this blog is dated 11/1 .. a gap of full 18days. So am I doing anything? Phew!!!

O K A Y.

Things have been in a mess (not exactly :)) from quite sometime now. This is what I have been doing.

  1. Researching B schools Β to which I’ll be applying. List still not complete.
  2. Reading about essay writing etc.
  3. Wrote CAT 2010 yesterday (18th Nov’2010).
  4. Work.
  5. A few personal things.

I’ll be writing on the above things soon πŸ™‚