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For the uninitiated, click on the respective words to know more about the movies here: Inception, Inglourious Basterds

For an engineer from India, Quant is like the movie Inception whereas he should think of Inglourious Basterds for the Verbal section. Here is how:

Quant : InceptionΒ 

Now if you’ve watched this movie, you know that Leonardo and his friends try to plant an idea in the mind of some xyz person. They ultimately doze off to sleep and navigate to three levels of dreams (already knowing that the deeper they venture they harder it is for them to come back). Everyone except Leonardo ventures to three levels of dreaming (i.e. dream within a dream within a dream) while Leonardo, the expert, takes a leap into the 4th level as well (dream within a dream within a dream within a dream). I think this much intro is enough to get my point across but you can watch the movie for more details πŸ™‚

GMAT quant for an Indian engineer is like Inception. He always knows that he can fare well in the quant section of the test. Whether he actually screws it up is another story, but there is always a line of confidence that quant can be tackled. That’s why many engineers spend those precious extra seconds to solve a 750 level quant problem on the test when an instructor might have advised them to make a guess and move on. This courage gives them that extra push and they ultimately crack that tough problem. The confidence acts as a booster and they probably will get the next one right too.

Just like the movie Inception, when they knows it’s getting dangerous but they still venture into 3 levels of dreams, a person might find himself devoting 3 plus minutes on a tough problem (thinking that he is going to crack this one). Even if they are lost in the dream, they manage to come back! Similarly is the case with quant. People will devise some short cut (hack) to solve the question.

In the end, they are just comfortable with Quant.

Verbal : Inglourious Basterds

Now comes Verbal. Before that a few lines about the movie – The movie focuses on the two main characters: Colonel Hans Landa, a German who was a specialist in finding out hiding Jews and giving orders to ____ them, and Lt. Aldo Raine, an American who led the Jewish-American guerrilla soldiers and paid back the other force in kind. For more details, please watch the movie πŸ™‚

And how is verbal related to the movie? Each question in the verbal section hides some critical aspect – the aspect you MUST find out (for inference questions and assumptions questions), the aspect that lets you state the intent of the passage (in primary purpose type questions) and the aspects that helps you form an opinion (for evaluate type questions). You need to dig deep into the meaning of the passage and understand it. Here you don the hat of Colonel Hans Landa.

And when you understand what’s being asked or you’ve formed your opinion, or caught hold of the tone of the passage etc, you don the hat of Lt. Aldo Raine. You need to brutally execute the question. And hear bugles of victory in your head πŸ˜›

PS: I do not intend to hurt the sentiments of any particular group of people though the issue taken up in the verbal section of the post. I’ve just stated how do I refer to the movies from GMAT perspective. No offense to anyone.



Hello My Friends,

I have been out of breadth for a while now! Why? Because I’ve running away from maintaining this blog! Well, frankly there have been a lot of developments (exciting & dull) at work, in my personal life (let me not go deep into that ;)) and on the MBA front as well.

Let me capture a few moments for my readers here:

  1. My company got acquired recently and there has been a lot of hoopla on what is going to happen next. I am clueless as well.
  2. I wrote the CAT in Nov 2011, that too without a single day of studying. I am of the view that CAT is more of an aptitude/logical test and studying the whole year doesn’t necessarily yield the best results. Secured 95.xx %tile but no IIM calls (due to xyz reasons :)) That result marked the end of CAT 2011 for me.
  3. I f***** up big time! I really don’t want to star those words but my mistake makes me deserve a more severe action. I had my eyes on XLRI GMP – This is one year MBA program for professionals with significant work experience. As some of you might remember, I already have a valid GMAT score which lies in the range of scores expected by XLRI GMP program. The obvious thing for me would be to use that score and apply! And did I do that?
    I didn’t.
    Instead, I chose to wrote XAT. Did I mention that I didn’t prepare for XAT! So that’s cool. As expected, I got blasted in XAT and a beautiful looking XAT interview call via GMAT score (I was so sure of being invited for an interview) blew up in smoke *ashes smiley*
  4. A few personal things

So friends, this was all what happened in the last few months. The good news is that I have decided to move on and give it another shot. A final one, indeed!

Exciting times ahead!

More to come. Take care fellas!

Okay! πŸ™‚

So this was my moment! An admit from Krannert School of Management, Purdue University for the Class of 2013 😎


About Scholarship:

A few days later, received a scholarship announcement email from them: 10000K, which was less that I expected! Purdue University also offers Graduate Assistantships, which are quite helpful in offsetting tuition costs but I didn’t get that either. Now the only way left for me was to go the university and then try for GA. I talked to a few students at the school and it seems people do land GAs after landing at the school, too! Good to hear that!



I’ve decided not to take up the offer from Purdue University for the MBA program (Fall 2011). Reasons are purely personal. Purdue is a great university and I got to know so much more about the program & the university. I interacted with many current students and a few alums as well; All of them were just so receptive & friendly.

Let me know if anybody out here wants any help on this school πŸ™‚



Finally, I received an interview invite from Krannert School of Management, Purdue University 😎

They sent an email asking me preferences for an skype interview.Β  I promptly acknowledged and fixed a date. All set.

Excited I was! Started preparing for the interview. Let me make a list of TODOs for an interview:

  1. Reread your essays – Some people don’t pay much attention to this aspect but I think this is important
  2. Be thorough on why MBA, why now, why this school, post MBA goals – try to provide examples wherever possible
  3. Write answers to the other common questions asked & practice them
  4. Know the school inside out. Very important. Believe me, you’ll feel connected to the school if you learn small things about the school – it’s culture, atmosphere, peer group, clubs, events – cultural & academic, career services, community service etc etc etc. You can talk so much more confidently on things when you know something about it.
  5. Ask a question to your interviewer – People say that is it necessary to ask a question in the end. I think if one has researched the program, there are bound to be questions and you can ask any of them in the interview. You may choose to differ but that’s my point of view. But remember, the answer to your question should not be present on the school’s website πŸ™‚
  6. Mock interviews – Get someone to hold a mock interview or two. Helps a lot to iron out weak links!


And came the I-day! I suited up! Adjusted my webcam! Waiting for the skype call.

And it started ringing ….

– Started with the usual exchange of pleasantries

– The Lady introduced herself

– Asked how’s the weather in Bangalore (Ice breaker!)

– My goals, why MBA, post MBA

– Told about a few clubs @ Krannert whom I may want to join considering my post MBA goals

– Asked about a few experiences @ work

– Any questions?

– Lasted for about 30 mins and a few secs


Simple. That’s all! πŸ™‚

Just to mention upfront that I lagged in updating this blog and hence I’m narrating the events which have already happened. I hope by the end of today, I’ll be living in the present πŸ™‚

So the application season was over and I was looking forward to a few interview calls. And then started the series of dings …..

Ding 1. Tepper, CMU

Ding 2. USC Marshall

Ding 3. Said, Oxford – Frankly speaking, after my application (submitted in R2) got pushed to R3 (since TOEFL scores didn’t reach them on time), I was expecting a ding there and then.

Ding 4. NUS Singapore


Somehow, all the schools where I wanted to go didn’t want to let me near them 😦  I was already short of time and had no time of mulling over these dings. They are good schools but somehow our equation didn’t go well and the result was obvious. In fact, all these are great schools.

Not feeling so good, I engrossed myself in work. I wasn’t sure what will be my next move. I waited.

And with these two applications, my app season for a prospective MBA application for Fall 2011 ended.

I’ll briefly mention the reasons why I filled these schools.

NUS Singapore: If you want access to APAC region (Asia-Pacific), NUS is one of the great schools which’ll aid you in that. Located in Singapore, it’ll offer you the best of both worlds (specifically for me, an Indian). No Visa issues unlike the US & Europe. Also, it’s a one year course which can be ideal for people who don’t want to stay away from the job for long.

NUS is a pretty famous brand in Asia; Singapore is a great city to live & work in; I can be home in approx 5 hrs; Singapore is the financial hub of Asia; Many good companies have their offices in the city; NUS MBA is a one year program …..

I think these were good enough reasons for me to apply to NUS.

Krannert School of Management, Purdue University: This school wasn’t in my initial list of schools-to-apply but later, it sneaked in πŸ™‚ Most engineers recognize Purdue University. It’s one of the highly ranked schools for MS in the US. Little do these engineers know that Purdue has a business school – Krannert School of Management which is so highly ranked in Operations Management (even I got to know this late).Β  According to US News 2012 B school rankings, Purdue MBA is ranked 6th in Operations/Production. Moreover, other factors such as GMAT, exp, post MBA goals matched and I applied.

Whether I could make to any of these schools? Next up….

Got TOEFL scores

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Since I’ve been lagging in updating the blog, I’m now writing posts in the order events happened.

After a few hassles, finally I wrote TOEFL on 1/30/11. You may want to read about it here.

I still remember it was some 12:30 am in the morning when I received a message from a friend whom I met at the TOEFL center. It said ” TOEFL results out. I screwed up dude! Check urs” … And I was like .. Oh Man, I certainly don’t want to write TOEFL again. Logged on to the TOEFL site, logged in > View Scores > See Details and my score popped up! .. Whoa!!!!!!!!

Total: 113  😎

For the uninitiated, TOEFL score is provided in 5 subs – Reading, Listening, Speaking, Writing (max is 30 for these sections) and Total (max is 120). You can read more about the scoring mechanism here.

The least I scored is 26 and the max is 30.

Relieved! Texted score to my friend. And that reminds me, I’ve to get in touch with this guy! Has been a long time.

But, by the time I received the scores, my application for Said School of Business, Oxford had been moved to Round 3 due to unavailability of TOEFL scores. All Said aspirants – Write TOEFL well within the time limits. And do take into accounts the unwanted incidences of not being able to write TOEFL for some technical glitches or whatever. I learnt a lesson here the hard way. Not a pleasure indeed 😐

PS: I think TOEFL scores are good to go for 2 years but please cross check this once.