What’s going on?

Posted: March 2, 2012 in general

… is my question to all of you out here.

Well for folks who intend to venture into finance, be prepared to have a lazy March every year. You’ll get ample time to just gaze at the stars or appreciate the beauty of mother earth. I just heard Sheldon say “Bazinga”! 😀

For the rest:

  • Are you still thinking to schedule your GMAT but haven’t done yet? Do it soon.
  • Are you not getting time to study for GMAT? Know very well that only you can make time for yourself. Do something about it. Check out your dream b-school deadlines and make a plan.
  • Is work getting on your nerves? Work will never end, my friend. Never ever. Unless you quit your job; But I’m almost certain no one wants to do that. Relax. Take a break. Think how you want things around you to go forward. Plan out something. You’ll feel better.
  • Are you burning midnight oil but still find yourself stuck in a few areas. Analyze. Ask for help. Reach out. There are nice people (myself included :P) around.
  • You are finding it difficult to manage personal, professional and academic life? Understand that you can’t achieve success in one dimension at the cost of  the other because all are equally important and demand appropriate attention. Sort out your mess. Only you have to do it. Only you can.
  • What else?

Sleep eludes me and with nothing better to do at 0336 hours, I’m writing this post. It just depicts a few moments which might seem familiar to you during the course of your journey, whether it’s an MBA journey or not. And my perspectives on them.

To answer the same question – I’m not completely well. And it sucks. This also put my study plans on the back burner but I’m coming back. I need to get started and this seems to be best time – A Weekend! I have to make a plan of how to start.

Btw, I researched a bit about INSEAD. Will be sharing my research in further posts.

Somehow, I just got reminded of the movie Invictus in which Morgan Freeman hands over a poem to Matt Damon. The poem ends as:                                “I am the master of my fate. I am the captain of my soul.”

Something to ponder!


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