Exciting times ahead, past is already gone!

Posted: February 3, 2012 in general, general, mba

Hello My Friends,

I have been out of breadth for a while now! Why? Because I’ve running away from maintaining this blog! Well, frankly there have been a lot of developments (exciting & dull) at work, in my personal life (let me not go deep into that ;)) and on the MBA front as well.

Let me capture a few moments for my readers here:

  1. My company got acquired recently and there has been a lot of hoopla on what is going to happen next. I am clueless as well.
  2. I wrote the CAT in Nov 2011, that too without a single day of studying. I am of the view that CAT is more of an aptitude/logical test and studying the whole year doesn’t necessarily yield the best results. Secured 95.xx %tile but no IIM calls (due to xyz reasons :)) That result marked the end of CAT 2011 for me.
  3. I f***** up big time! I really don’t want to star those words but my mistake makes me deserve a more severe action. I had my eyes on XLRI GMP – This is one year MBA program for professionals with significant work experience. As some of you might remember, I already have a valid GMAT score which lies in the range of scores expected by XLRI GMP program. The obvious thing for me would be to use that score and apply! And did I do that?
    I didn’t.
    Instead, I chose to wrote XAT. Did I mention that I didn’t prepare for XAT! So that’s cool. As expected, I got blasted in XAT and a beautiful looking XAT interview call via GMAT score (I was so sure of being invited for an interview) blew up in smoke *ashes smiley*
  4. A few personal things

So friends, this was all what happened in the last few months. The good news is that I have decided to move on and give it another shot. A final one, indeed!

Exciting times ahead!

More to come. Take care fellas!


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