More apps – NUS, Singapore & Krannert, Purdue

Posted: July 23, 2011 in bschools, Krannert, mba, NUS, Purdue
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And with these two applications, my app season for a prospective MBA application for Fall 2011 ended.

I’ll briefly mention the reasons why I filled these schools.

NUS Singapore: If you want access to APAC region (Asia-Pacific), NUS is one of the great schools which’ll aid you in that. Located in Singapore, it’ll offer you the best of both worlds (specifically for me, an Indian). No Visa issues unlike the US & Europe. Also, it’s a one year course which can be ideal for people who don’t want to stay away from the job for long.

NUS is a pretty famous brand in Asia; Singapore is a great city to live & work in; I can be home in approx 5 hrs; Singapore is the financial hub of Asia; Many good companies have their offices in the city; NUS MBA is a one year program …..

I think these were good enough reasons for me to apply to NUS.

Krannert School of Management, Purdue University: This school wasn’t in my initial list of schools-to-apply but later, it sneaked in ūüôā Most engineers recognize Purdue University. It’s one of the highly ranked schools for MS in the US. Little do these engineers know that Purdue has a business school – Krannert School of Management which is so highly ranked in Operations Management (even I got to know this late).¬† According to US News 2012 B school rankings, Purdue MBA is ranked 6th in Operations/Production. Moreover, other factors such as GMAT, exp, post MBA goals matched and I applied.

Whether I could make to any of these schools? Next up….

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