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Posted: July 23, 2011 in mba, toefl
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Since I’ve been lagging in updating the blog, I’m now writing posts in the order events happened.

After a few hassles, finally I wrote TOEFL on 1/30/11. You may want to read about it here.

I still remember it was some 12:30 am in the morning when I received a message from a friend whom I met at the TOEFL center. It said ” TOEFL results out. I screwed up dude! Check urs” … And I was like .. Oh Man, I certainly don’t want to write TOEFL again. Logged on to the TOEFL site, logged in > View Scores > See Details and my score popped up! .. Whoa!!!!!!!!

Total: 113  😎

For the uninitiated, TOEFL score is provided in 5 subs – Reading, Listening, Speaking, Writing (max is 30 for these sections) and Total (max is 120). You can read more about the scoring mechanism here.

The least I scored is 26 and the max is 30.

Relieved! Texted score to my friend. And that reminds me, I’ve to get in touch with this guy! Has been a long time.

But, by the time I received the scores, my application for Said School of Business, Oxford had been moved to Round 3 due to unavailability of TOEFL scores. All Said aspirants – Write TOEFL well within the time limits. And do take into accounts the unwanted incidences of not being able to write TOEFL for some technical glitches or whatever. I learnt a lesson here the hard way. Not a pleasure indeed 😐

PS: I think TOEFL scores are good to go for 2 years but please cross check this once.


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