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Posted: July 17, 2011 in ding, ISB, mba, Uncategorized
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Received a ding from ISB without even an interview call 😦

One good this is that ISB provides feedback to candidates every year irrespective of whether they were called for interview or not.

Well, the new thing this season is that ISB is providing telephonic feedback to candidates who ask for one. I requested for feedback on my application and it’s scheduled on 20th July’2011, 10:30 am IST.

Will share the feedback once done.

  1. snkabra says:

    so…. what happened?

    • The Log ... says:

      Apologies for the infinitely late reply! I’m going to be a lot more regular here now. Coming back to the feedback, I had a small telephonic session (~ 15 mins) with a gentleman (who told me that he’d read my file).
      The feedback was very generic: work harder on essays, see if you can make your short/long term goals more coherent with your present, see if you can improve your GMAT score etc.
      I specifically asked – Is my GMAT a concern? to which the reply was: Nopes. You are just there! 😮 but see if you can improve it more. Else, okay.
      That’s about it.

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