TOEFL – Please come again later!

Posted: January 23, 2011 in mba, toefl
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Went to write TOEFL on 1/22/11 – 1000 hrs  at Everonn, Seshadripuram, Bangalore.

The first 15 students sat down to take the test. Lab 1 was full.

Then I came to know I had to write the test in Lab 2. And so did ~ 15 other souls! Coincidently, one of the computers in Lab 2 wanted to take a break. We agreed thinking it was a short break. But that bloke just didn’t come back for the rest of the day. They later named the break a technical glitch.

Long story short, due to technical glitches, I wasn’t (oh Lord, I didn’t want this) able to write TOEFL on 1/22/11. We waited and waited and waited for that *one* system to start working again, but that didn’t happen. And so, nobody in Lab 2 was able to write the test.

The test center guys said we’ll be getting a call from Delhi (ah! as if the PM is calling us, duh!) to reschedule the test. Most probably, I’ll be writing TOEFL on 30th Jan’11. Will call up ETS tomorrow (and not wait for the heavenly call) and reschedule ASAP.

The problem for me is whether Said, Oxford agrees to consider my app without a TOEFL score or atleast agrees to wait till I write TOEFL. Rest of the other universities are fine with it. Can’t even write IELTS now since the next available date is 2/5/11 😐

Wrote an email to Said mentioning the story. Really really waiting for a positive response.

Will update.


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