Tepper School of Business, CMU Application – submitted!

Posted: January 7, 2011 in bschools, mba, Tepper
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Completed with submitting the application for Tepper School of Business, CMU in R2 cycle – submitted on 1/3/11.

CMU is one of the colleges I would most certainly want to go to 🙂

A few pointers –

Application related:

  • TOEFL not required for aspirants who under-graduated from a institution where the medium of instruction was only English – ask for waiver
  • 3 essays in total, 1 additional essay
  • 2 recommendations necessary, 1 optional
  • Rest usual things required – CV, employment history etc
  • Lots of scans to be done and uploaded 🙂



  • My recommendation providers had to use gmail.com due to certain issues – mentioned that in the additional essay! Ask Adcom for any such issues.
  • Adcom’s response is pretty fast!


Hoping for an interview call.

PS:  Will be happy to answer questions, if any 🙂


  1. One more tick mark on the list! Hope you get an interview call from Tepper.

    I was hoping to talk to you regarding your blog. Can you please drop us a note on
    mbacrystalball at gmail dot com?

    – Sameer
    Founder | MBA Crystal Ball

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