GMAT – 680 (50/31 – Q/V)

Posted: October 18, 2010 in gmat, mba

Okay. I screwed up. I have no clue why.

To start with the AWA – it went pretty well. Actually, I’ve been never bothered about AWA – I am confident enough to get through it.

Maths –

To my utter surprise, I found the questions a bit hard … spent almost 4.5 minutes on the first question itself! wow!…. but then kept on doing … had to guess a couple of questions in the 30+ range owing to time contraints. Managed to finish just in time – thanks to a couple of guesses 😐

I felt to that I didn’t perform as well. Landed up with 50.

Verbal –

Now this was a surprise element. I tried every bit to stay limit the time limit for questions I had set … it worked perfectly fine. I wasn’t having much problems deciphering the SCs. RCs went well too (for a change :)) .. I still have no idea what went wrong to give me a 31 in VA. I am just 😐

Hence the score – 680.

Given this score, I need  solid essays and great recos to save me. Starting on school selection – Trying to identify the schools where I “‘fit” … I hope this score doesn’t put me at a disadvantage.

  1. Curious says:

    Too bad! Quant score is great. I know how you feel when verbal screws up the overall score, I’ve been a victim.

    Good luck with the applications… time to move on from this section of your MBA admissions journey.

  2. Mako says:

    Wow, looks like we took the GMAT on the same day. Yeah, I spent a lot of time on the frist Math question as well; hopefully I got it right. Congratulations on your score and good luck on your apps.

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